For decades the woman’s wellness exam has been conducted backwards. Demeterly exists to flip this experience and make it remarkably better for the patient, practitioner and the provider.


In September 2017, after 2 years of frustration scheduling her woman’s exam and seeking more from the annual visit, our founder decided to change wellness providers. The experience was eye opening. First, the sequestering of historical records took multiple calls and yielded spartan results. When the records were obtained, the results while “Normal” were close deviations to “Abnormal”. And, the results were not that difficult to read as a patient.

I wish I had the results not only before talking with my doctor but year-over-year to help me see improvement and decline in these indicators.

Having trended results in hand complete with a practical, smart questionnaire would help both me and my doctor improve the overall experience and my health.

Next year I plan to be a better patient and thus help my doctor be a better doctor for me.

…And So Began Demeterly


Like an interview or a meeting at work or review with your financial advisor, we research and plan so as to make these interactions successful and actionable to our goals. A wellness exam should follow the same approach.

Demeterly aims to make a wellness exam an easy, impactful, informative and empowering journey towards wellness improvement. Our platform provides:

Ease of Use and Information
Ease of Use and Information
Ease of Use and Information
Ease of locating a practitioner by provider, of scheduling necessary labs & visits and of rendering and data points on personal health.
Comprehensive Information
Comprehensive Information
Comprehensive Information
Impactful, visual, easy-to-read, trended and intelligent results complete with an annualized, guided, smart-questionnaire that canvasses results, health history & health planning.
Personalized Content
Personalized Content
Personalized Content
Informative personalized content distributed periodically to remind, creatively improve and interactively meet your personalized wellness goals based on your personalized health status.
Control Your Wellness
Control Your Wellness
Control Your Wellness
Empowering both the doctor and the patient to see and share extensive wellness data to improve health.


The fallacy of way we treat wellness is ironically and systematically reactive while needing to be proactive.

From the beginning of the wellness journey today, we are working off of incomplete data points to measure wellness.  A wellness assessment is oftentimes initiated because a patient suspects imparity. Our process today starts with inconclusive data to attempt assessment, assessment and then a simple point post-assessment for many women: normal. Do we walk around with little information about normal until we are abnormal and frankly, not well?


Simply stated, Demeterly’s wellness results platform yields more insight into your normal and how normal your normal is and was.

How can you be on top of your care when you are always behind it?

The simple design of the constructs of care are not for wellness. A financial risk mitigation system guides the standard of care today.  Because of this model the wellness patient engagement experiences is reactive. Patients subconsciously elect to share information about their health in a wellness exam to guide the doctor to more prescriptive counsel.


Demeterly’s engagement process logically sequences patient interactions in concert with comprehensive wellness assessments to extract the right questions and behaviors to improve wellness. Better patient understanding can lead to better patient compliance.

While some disease arises abruptly, some are emergent. The woman's wellness experience and plan can be patterned to monitor this.

Disease conditions can surface themselves before a clinical, abnormal diagnosis is made. Meaning for example: a patient will experience a trended increases in a normal blood sugar test before moving into an abnormal, diseased state.


Demeterly displays data trends and provides and structured vehicles for healthy improvement for your next patient wellness assessment.


demeterly platform


Passionate Ob-Gyns

Are you a practicing ob-gyn interesting in providing your patients with better care and technologies to advance their wellness while not compromising your value? Do you want to get back to the intention of helping women steward good health and advocate your expertise as a women’s clinician?  Demeterly is looking for clinicians to join our Medical Advisory Board.  Contact us if you want to change the current game on Womens’ Wellness.

Healthcare Technologists

Do you want to apply your technical understanding of healthcare provider frameworks to revolutionize the current delivery model for women’s wellness?  Do you understand healthcare application integration at the patient, practitioner and provider level. Join our crusade.

Full Stack Developers

Do you want to design technology to help your mother or sister live another day? Are you familiar with mobile application development, disparate data, AI and social networks. Talk to us.


Contact us today for more information on Demeterly or to join our team in our mission in changing the game on women’s wellness!